CONTACT / ABOUT” is a free web site of abdominal radiology intended for educational use and consultation. AbdomenRad was conceived and developed by Murat Acar, MD. Prof. Acar has been working as the Chairman of the department of radiology at Istanbul Medeniyet University for 3 years. 

You can share your educational abdominal radiology cases or your comments on presented ones. This provides an opportunity to discuss and to get different ideas from worldwide experienced abdominal radiologists. Every week, we publish a case.

There will be 2 types of cases:

1.      The final diagnosis is known (ASK A CASE):

This type of cases will be only for educational aim. We will not clarify the diagnosis throughout first 5 days (the findings&diagnosis button will be red and the chronometer will show the remaining time for the diagnosis). During these 5 days, everybody will be able to send a comment and discuss related with the case. After 5 days (when the chronometer on the home page of the site shows 00. 00. 00. 00, the findings&diagnosis button turns on to green), the diagnosis will be appeared and everybody would access findings and diagnosis. You just need to click to the green colored findings&diagnosis button. You can also accesses to the teaching points of the case.

Although the editor is the main provider, you can also upload a case if you know the final diagnosis. For this, just click the “ADD CASE” button. Keep in mind that, you should register and login to contribute.

2.      The final diagnosis of the case is unknown (GET CONSULTATION):

If you have a difficult case and would like to discuss on it, then you have a chance to get different opinions from worldwide experienced abdominal radiologists. You just need to upload your case using “ADD CASE” button. 





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Murat Acar, MD
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Abdominal imaging and intervention